Linen/Laundry Strapping Equipment

Linen/Laundry Strapping Equipment

Dynaric strapping equipment is the leading choice in the linen and laundry industry. Our machines are the industry standard for speed, durability, reliability, and economy. For example the D2400 High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine offers efficient, jam-free handling of linen and laundry with cycle times as high as 50 per minute. The D3300 High Speed Automatic Bottom Seal Strapping Machine has a smaller, more compact sealing head offering the ability to efficiently strap small or irregularly-shaped bundles. Automatic strapping equipment such as the DF-11 have successfully been integrated into existing conveyor systems to minimize the need for hand strapping and they eliminate unnecessary bundle handling. Other options include the ST-1HS High-Speed Fully Automatic Strapping Machine which has variable-speed powered belts, and uses photo-switches to detect incoming packages. This technology eliminates the need for an operator and helps to ensure that your strapping equipment is helping you increase the bottom line.

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