AM659Y Economical Side Seal Plastic Strapping Box Strapper Designed to Integrate with Low Conveyor Production Lines

October 21, 2015

AM659Y Side Seal Box Strapper

An Economical Side Seal Plastic Strapping Box Strapper To Integrate with Low Conveyor Lines.


Dynaric, Inc. is Introducing the AM659Y Side Seal Plastic Strapping Box Strapper.


Ideal for low conveyor packaging applications, the AM659Y box strapper is uniquely suited for strapping applications where a bottom seal strapping machine is not practical or recommended. The AM659Y side seal plastic automatic strapping box strapper is designed for ease of operation and capable of high speed strapping through a wide range of package sizes.The AM659Y can operate with 9mm (3/8”) and 12mm (1/2”) strap widths and can apply up to 35 strap cycles per minute. A major feature of the AM659Y is the simple strap loading system which reduces the downtime needed to change out the coil of strapping.

Many arch sizes are available ranging between 25.6” in height (650mm) to 47.2” width (1200mm). The AM659Y uses servo motors which eliminates the need for high wear items like belts, clutches, and pulleys and operates on 110/220/230/240V, single phase electricity for economical operation.

For further information, or to arrange for a demonstration, call Dynaric, Inc. at (800) 526-0827.