N3400SCA Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Strapping Band Machine

October 9, 2015

Dynaric, Inc,. is introducting a new fully automatic stainless steel strapping band machine into our line of strapping machines designed for food processing packaging applications for poultry, meat and seafood markets.

The N3400SCA is a high speed, fully automatic strapping band machine that is innovative, reliable and benefits include low maintenance and energy saving operation. The stainless steel enclosure makes it ideal and affordable for food processing packaging applications such as poultry, meat or seafood. N3400SCA is capable of applying up to 35 straps/minute to packages. Advantages of the N3400SCA strapping band machine include the use of servo motors for precise performance, while eliminating the use of wear items like belts, clutches and pulleys. All metal strap drive rollers are included which minimizes strap dusting, as compared to rubber strap drive rollers.

N3400SCA Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Strapping Band Machine Designed for Food Processing Packaging Applications such as the Poultry, Meat and Seafood Markets

Other advantages include:

Stainless steel enclosure to withstand harsh conditions; Standard arch size is width 600mm (23.6”) X height 600mm (23.6”)

 ⁃    Accepts strap widths 5mm (1/4”) through 12mm (1/2”)
 ⁃    Wear free, energy saving direct drive motors
 ⁃    Wear free strap frame by stainless steel guide
 ⁃    DAT- Direct-Access Technology
 ⁃    Conveyor speed steplessly adjustable
 ⁃    Bundle press , optional
 ⁃    Digital display reports operational status, including error code read out
 ⁃    Casters allow for easy mobility
 ⁃    Operates on 120V 1 Phase