Economical Box Strapper Strapping Machine - AM650 | Dynaric, Inc.

November 19, 2015

Dynaric, Inc. has introduced AM650, an economical high speed automatic box strapper strapping machine.


The AM650 is an ideal box strapper strapping machine for adding plastic straps around corrugated boxes and packaging. Common strapping applications for the AM650 high speed automatic strapping machine are General packaging, commercial printers and newspapers where the use of 1/4" width strapping is useful and economical.

The AM650 is a heat seal box strapper that is designed for ease of operation and is capable of applying up to 50 straps / bands per minute to a wide range of box sizes and types of packages. Because of its ability to use many 1/4" width strapping, the AM650 bander becomes more economical to operate while still providing high levels of dependability.

Standard features include automatic coil feed system, strap loop ejector, short feed detector and refeed system and foot bar cycle activation for ease of use.

AM650 High Speed Economical Automatic Box Strapper Strapping Machine

The AM650 is available with a large range of archs available, from 650mm (25.6") to 1250mm (49.2") in widths and from 400mm (15.75") to 800mm (31.5") in height.

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