Dynaric NP7000 - Newest Bundle Strapping Machine For The Newspaper, Commercial Printing & Graphics Arts Industry

August 28, 2015

New NP7000 Fast banding Machine For Newspapers

Dynaric, Inc. is pleased and excited to announce the new NP7000 Newspaper Bundle Strapping Machine.

Raising the bar for the Newspaper, Commercial Printing & Graphics Arts Industry.

Newspaper Bundle Strapping - Banding Machine

Dynaric, Inc. has been delivering high quality bundle strapping machines, strap and services to the Newspaper Industry for 35 years.  The NP7000 bundle Strapping Machine shows that we are committed to continue delivering the highest quality cost efficient strapping system to the industry. The NP7000 has a completely redesigned strapping head technology that has been proven and tested in a number of other demanding industry applications. Since late 2010, Dynaric, Inc. has been providing custom designed strapping systems with the same strapping technology now being offered in the new NP7000 Newspaper Bundle Strapper. For the Newspaper, Commercial Printing & Graphics Arts Industry, the NP7000 offers all the bundle handling and conditioning features of other NP models. New strapping technologies being offered in the NP7000 greatly enhance reliability and cost efficiencies. DIRECT DRIVE SERVO MOTORS eliminate the need for mechanical brakes, clutches and belts while

offering improved strap control. Improved strap cycle efficiency enables machines to strap up to 48 bundles per minute when using Dynaric, Inc. plastic strapping.The NP7000 is capable of using cost efficient 5mm strap that offers a 20% cost savings over standard 6mm strap products. The SMART TOUCH control provides access to setting up machines to strap and secure a wide range of bundle sizes automatically; high tension for insert and large bundles and light tension for the smallest bundles. The SMART TOUCH controls can be preset by a supervisor so the operator can select different products by simply pressing a button on the touch screen.

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