Dynaric, Inc. Ultra Fast D3500 Automatic Strapping - Banding Machine

September 10, 2015

The New Ultra Fast D3500 Automatic Strapping - Banding Machine

Ideal for banding of totes, cut paper, boxes, cartons, mail trays, linens, newspapers, magazines and wood-lumber.

D3500 Ultra Fast Plastic Strapping - Banding Machine

Dynaric, Inc. is introducing an ultra fast automatic strapping - banding machine, D3500, capable of bundling up to 75 straps per minute. Ideal for packaging applications including banding of totes, cut paper, boxes and cartons. Other applications include banding of mail trays, linens, newspapers and magazines and wood/lumber.

 Features include servo motors which reduces power consumption while increasing overall performance. A newly designed arch offers a quieter and more reliable strapping operations. For convenience, the strap dispenser is externally located permitting visibility of the strap coil alerting to changing out the plastic strapping.D3500 bander is compact and lightweight and can 

easily be moved throughout your facility with ease. With Dynaric, Inc. extra-long footage coils (XL), this workhorse is sure to suit your most demanding, high-speed, banding applications with ease of use and low maintenance operations.