March 20, 2017

Retractable Arch Strapping Machine



Unlike conventional strapping machines, which require materials to pass completely through the arch opening before strapping, Dynaric, Inc. N3400RA retractable arch strapping machine applies strapping around items in the direction of the arch, therefore allowing the materials to exit from the side of the machine. The advantage of this unique way of strapping is the benefit of reducing costly production floor space.

Dynaric N3400RA Retractable Arch Strapping Machine     Application advantages for long cumbersome products include:
    •    Long narrow lengths of lumber
    •    Moldings
    •    Extruded Aluminum Products
    •    Doors & Window Frames
    •    Furniture components


The N3400RA allows for the use of a wide range of strapping widths 5mm (1/4") or 12mm (1/2"), which allows for choosing the most appropriate and economical strapping for the packaging application.

Operating on 115V volts, single  phase electricity, this easy to use strapping machine is fast, capable of cycle times of 3 seconds per banding bundle (20 bundles/minute).

Dynaric N3400RA is ideal for strapping long narrow wood products .

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