Plastic Strap With Extra Footage for Fewer Coil Changes

XL Coils - 30% more plastic strap means eXtra savings per coil

Dynaric XL coils are produced with the same high quality resin used in our entire line of plastic strap. What our XL coils do have that the other coils don’t is the extra footage per coil. Not only will the XL increase your production by preventing unnecessary downtime in-between coil changes it will also save you money. Our XL line of plastic strap are wound into a coil and are packaged using minimal amount of corrugated cartons, reducing our production cost and passing the saving on to you! Click here to view brochure

    •    Available for light, medium and heavy duty strapping.
    •    Ideal for many industries including general packaging, food industry, newspaper, corrugated boxes, cut paper, etc.
    •    Economical.
    •    More strap per coil means more production less downtime

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With Dynaric's XL coils you get more for less.

More strapping per coil.
Less equipment down time changing coils.
Less time spent writing purchase orders.
Less floor space required for storage.
Less packaging to dispose of.
More profit for your business.