P4024 Heavy Duty, Strong Plastic Banding

High Quality Plastic Banding for all Light and Heavy Duty Applications

P4024 Heavy Duty Plastic banding (manufactured from high quality polypropylene resin) is a versatile and economic polyolefin with excellent tenacity and recovery characteristics. Polypropylene is the most common choice for man-made fiber applications. The P4024 Heavy Duty, Strong Plastic Banding is a superior choice of plastic strapping in all applications from light to heavy duty with an emphasis on economy. We encourage our customers to recycle our plastic strapping. We take the extra steps to ensure our polypropylene strap contains no metallic fragments in the additives used to produce our strap therefore making it 100% recyclable.

     •    Use in a variety of applications including general packaging, food industry, newspaper, corrugated boxes, cut paper, etc.
    •    For light, medium and some heavy duty use.
    •    Economical solution for all your packaging needs.  

If you do not see a product on our website that matches what you are using, please call 1-800-526-0827 and ask to speak with your local Dynaric sales representative. We will be happy to review your strapping requirements in detail and work to match your needs with the right strapping product.

This machine grade plastic strapping can be custom printed.

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P4024 8X6 B, W 12.0 0.67 7,500 550
P4024 8X8 CL 12.0 0.67 6,600 550
P4024 9X8 CL, B, W 12.0 0.67 6,600 550
P4024 16X6  B,CL, W 12.0 0.67 6,600 550


Bulk Pack            
PB4024 16X6 CL 12.0 0.67 6,600 550
PB4024 9X8 B 12.0 0.67 6,600 550


Color Code    
B= Black CL= Clear W= White