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Custom Printed Strap Options

Dynaric custom printed strap is high-quality, machine-grade strapping that our competitors wish they could duplicate. Our plastic strap can be custom printed with your company logo, name, information, or message. This provides a great marketing opportunity that travels wherever your products go. Especially for products that do not use external packaging - such as compressed bundles - printed strap is the economical solution to mark your product with a company name or slogan. Using custom printed strap makes your packages unique and recognizable. Customized strapping also offers a layer of security since it is easy to tell if your secured packages have been tampered with and re-strapped by someone else. Custom printed strap is made from the same high quality virgin resin as the rest of our plastic strapping line and is suitable for use in a variety of applications including general packaging, food, newspaper, corrugated boxes, cut paper, and others. This strap can be used with manual hand tensioners as well as high-speed automatic strapping machines. Printing is available on 6mm up to 15.5mm strapping. The sales representatives at Dynaric, Inc. will gladly assist you to create the ideal custom printed strap solution for your company.