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Banding seals are available in different sizes for the width and type of plastic strapping used therefore we have seals for 1/2” strap up to 3/4” for both textured and smooth plastic strap. Whether you are using seals with light plastic strap or heavy strap, like our Ultraband series of strap, we have a seal that will exceed your requirements.

All of our seals require a crimping tool to close the seal. It is important to have the proper crimping tool for the seal type you are using.

If you are looking for strapping tools that tension, seal and cut virtually automatically than you need to look at our line of battery and pneumatic hand tools.

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Wire Buckles:

Are designed for easy threading delivering the ultimate in high load performance. It has outstanding slip resistance due to its self-lock feature in order to maximize holding power.

 Open Seals:

Our most popular seal used with polypropylene strapping. The open end allows the metal seal to slide easily over strapping. Can be applied to the strapping before or after tensioning.

 Closed Seals (Push-type Seals):

Seal has an overlapping design. The Closed seal design is to be threaded before locking strap into the strapping tensioner.

 Serrated Seals (Gripper-type Seals):

Has a special serrated design inside the seal to grip the strapping. They are designed for smooth or embossed polypropylene strapping to keep the seal from losing grip on the strapping.

Product Buckle Type Inner Surface Strap Size Strap Type Duty Type
3039 Wire N/A 1/2" All Plastic Medium
4025 Open End Smooth 1/2" All Plastic Medium
4125 Closed End Smooth 1/2" All Plastic Medium
5028 Wire N/A 1/2" All Plastic Medium
KS50 Open End Serrated 1/2" All Plastic Heavy
KS58 Open End Serrated 5/8" All Plastic Heavy
C190S Open End Serrated 3/4" All Plastic Heavy