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High Speed Vertical Banding System Designed for Strapping Non-Ferrous, Cardboard, Solid Waste and other Material with Less Memory

The MHBT is a custom built top seal high speed banding machine designed to strap large non-ferrous, cardboard and solid waste compressed bales. The unique top mount strapping unit allows for consistent operation, lowering the chance of failure due to debris. The MHBT top seal banding machine is built around our exclusive MHBU quick change strapping head. With our modular machine design the strapping head can rotate 90 degrees to perform quick maintenance or be completely removed and replaced within minutes practically eliminating machine downtime. The MHBT is built strong. By using high quality parts and heavy-duty hardware the strapping machine will perform in even the toughest environments.

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• Safety. No danger from snapping or cut wires with sharp metal edges.
• Processing. Our plastic straps are non-metallic, therefore eliminating the need to be removed from certain baled materials for many applications.
• Durability. Plastic strapping will not rust.
• Flexibility. Handling a variety of banding materials of different sizes, gauges, and thickness.
• Serviceability. To significantly reduce downtime the strapping unit is designed to be easily removable for maintenance and quick repair.