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Need to secure Basiloid,Large Corrugated Containers-Cartons? We can Design a Strapping Machine,Banding Machine Just for Your Application.

The H2BC basiloid, large corrugated container,carton strapping machine is a custom built strapping machine designed to secure basiloid's, corrugated cartons horizontally. The unique indexing arch allows for strapping to be placed where required to vertually eliminate the chance damage to the packing or product.  The multiple sensors, located through out the machine, continually communicate with the PLC to improve performance, safety and stability during the basiliod, large container strapping process. Using the control panel touch screen users can customize the machine to meet their strapping needs.

The H2BC container, carton plastic strapping machine is built strong. By using high quality extruded aluminum stock and heavy duty hardware the strapping machine will perform in even the toughest environments.

Every strapping application requires different needs. Therefore each H2BC is designed based upon that particular application. Each machine goes through several design processes before construction begins. Each machine is assembled and fully tested at Dynaric’s facility prior to shipment.

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•    Modern touch screen display simplifies machine setup and improves operator troubleshooting
•    High speed strapping cycle can increase production
•    Automatic strap feed and refeed
•    Debris protection
•    Fewer moving parts to further increase reliability
•    Direct drive motors means no belts or pulleys
•    Minimize coil change with our quick change strapping dispenser
•    The H2BC uses the Dynaric XL coils, which reduce down time associated with coil change