NP3 Reconditioned High Speed Newspaper Automatic Strapping Machine

Completely Reconditioned High Speed Strapping Machine

If reliability and ROI is what you’re searching for, look no further than the Dynaric Reconditioned NP3 Strapping Machine. The NP3 comes with a long and proven record of superior performance in its proud history.
Providing superior output and outstanding reliability, the NP3 is extremely cost effective to own and operate due its low maintenance costs.The machine can be easily integrated into today’s automated mailrooms by incorporating optional electrical interlock connectors.
The NP3 can improve the production of many other different types of industries such as: high volume distribution centers, commercial printers, cut sheet paper companies and packaged food companies.
The NP3 comes backed with the Dynaric name and outstanding customer service program.

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•    Low Bundle Sensor - Automatic tension adjustment for various bundle sizes
•    Recessed Air Regulator and Air Filter - Eliminates possible damage from other mailroom equipment
•    Efficiant, Compact Design - Minimizes required floor space
•    Energy saving Feature -  Motors automatically shut down when not in use
•    Built in Interlocks - Interfaces with both up and down stream equipment
•    Minimal Number of Moving Parts - Lowers maintenance costs and increases reliability
•    Oil-Less Air System - Environmentally safe and low maintenance
•    High Speed Cycle Time - Capable of applying 54 straps per minute
•    One Piece Track - No track adjustments are necessarry, ensuring positive strap feed
•    Pre-Lubricated Gripper Assembly - Extends preventative maintenance schedule to 2 million cycles
•    Wider Tension Range - Greater tension control for different size bundles
•    External Adjustable Tension Control - Easy tension adjustment
•    Quick Release Heater Blade - Quick and easy access for preventative maintenance
•    Small Bundle Ejection Device - Guarantees proper release of small bundles

Overall Width:

23.6” (600 mm)

Overall Length:

53.5” (1360 mm)

Overall Height:

71.3” - 76.4” (1181 - 1941mm) *


1200 lbs (550 kg)


45 Bundles/min - single strap

20 Bundles/min - parallel straps

56 Straps/min

Strap Size:

1/4” (6.35 mm)


208V / 230V / 460V, 3 phase

Conveyor Height:

31.5” - 36.6” (800 - 930 mm) *

Sealing Method:

Heat Seal



Air Requirement:

22.3 CFM @ 87 PSI

Bundle Size: Width


Max. 22” (560 mm)

Min. 4.3” (110 mm)


5.5” (140 mm)


Max. 14” (355 mm)

Min. .8” (20 mm)


55.1 lbs (25 kg)