AM659AB Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Reliable Fully Automatic Strapping Machine on a Budget!

Looking to improve your packing system? The AM659AB, Fully Automatic Strapping Machine, provides the ultimate in reliability by incorporating the latest servo motor technology. This strapping machine is ideal for many industries such as pharmacy, linen, cut paper, graphic arts, postal and logistics.

By using servo motors the strapping machine uses less energy to operate and greatly reduce the number of moving parts therefore minimizing machine maintenance and receiving a quicker Return On Investment!

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• Fully automatic strapping machine, developed to be used with polypropylene strap
• Up to 25 Bundles\minute
• Reliable AC servo motors and drives
• Full color touch screen controls with diagnostics
• Four tier LED status light tower
• Automatic strap feed
• Strap width 9 - 12 mm
• The exclusive eject function avoids strap jam
• Torque controlled strap tension, adjustable
• Upstream and downstream interlocks
• Conveyor speed steplessly adjustable
• Intuitive operator interface
• Easy machine mobility
• Table height steplessly adjustable
• Bundle press, optional

Overall Width:

25.1” (638mm)

Overall Length:

59.8” (1519mm)

Overall Height:

66.1” (1681mm)


617 lbs.(280 kg)

Cycle Time:

2.4 seconds

Cycle Initiation:

Photo Eye or Push Button

Strap Size:

3/8”-1/2” (9mm -12mm) (optional 5-6mm)

Sealing Method:

Heat Seal

Package Size:

Min. 1.57”H x 4.72”W x4.72”L

Max. Governed By Arch


Externally located, Touch Pad adjustable 6.6 - 132 lbs.

Seal Head Location:

Bottom: 17.5” (444.5mm) from right side of the machine


110/230 Volt AC (460 Volt AC)


2 swivel and 2 fixed casters


Externally located - 8”or 9”I.D/8”or 9”Face/18”O.D.