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Industrial Strapping Machine Packaging System Designed to Strap Insulation Rolls

The H2BI packaging system is a custom built industrial strapping machine is designed to strap product horizontally. The unique indexing arch allows for straps to be placed where required. The multiple sensors, located through out the machine, continually communicate with the PLC to improve performance, safety and stability of the strapping process. Using the control panel touch screen users can customize the machine to meet their strapping needs.

The H2BI industrial strapping machine is built strong. By using high quality extruded aluminum stock and heavy duty hardware the strapping machine will perform in even the toughest environments.

When your application requires special configuration, you need to look at the flexibility of the H2BI. Dynaric's ability to adapt and customize according to your specifications will lower your overall cost of manufacturing.

At your facility Dynaric trained technicians will assemble your machine and make any necessary adjustments. In addition our techs will provide complete mechanical and electrical training.

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Minimize downtime with our quick-change strapping unit

Custom built to meet your needs

Use Dynaric XL coils to reduce downtime cause by coil changes

Modern touch screen display simplifies machine setup and improves operator troubleshooting

Increased throughput instantly

Automatic strap feed and refeed

Debris protection

Fewer moving parts to further increase reliability

Direct drive motors means no belts or pulleys

To ensure long-lasting operation the strapping and sealing unit are mounted horizontal to avoid debris