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The MHBU polypropylene strapping head is ideal for industries requiring consistent high tension and strong seal joints such as hay, appliances, fiberglass, bales, textile, lumber, brick, steel, and metal products. The MHBU strapping head is designed to handle fragile products as well as rigid items such as wood and masonry. The Direct Drive motors provide optimum performance and reliability not to mention less moving parts to maintain. The direct drive system allows the MHBU to consistently strap at high-speed. The MHBU is controlled by a PLC, this allows you to customize the strapping head to specific products and applications. This strapping head truly is for every industry and application.

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DAT “Direct-Access-Technology
• ASLF “Anti-Strap-Loss-Function” Constant strap control
• Wear-free Strap frame by stainless steel guide
• Wear-free, energy saving direct-drive motors
• Operation Terminal with Soft-Button
• Robust and extremely low maintenance
• Economical due to high availability
• User-friendly and intuitive
• Tension adjustable with 10 steps
• Variable strap width
• Adjustable torque controlled strap tension
• Automatic Strap feed



Based on bundle

size of 500mm x 500mm.

Single strap up to 50 bundles/min.

Depending on arch size and tension force




Min. 55mm

Max. Depending on arch size


Min. 80mm

Max. Depending on arch size

Strap Tension:

Max. 380N

Strapping Material



Width: 12-15mm

Thickness: 0.4-0.9mm

Sealing Method


Tensile strength of welded joint

is approx. 60 - 80% of the breaking strength of the strap

Heat seal

Power Supply


Wide Range Input:

1-Phase 90 - 264 Volts AC; 47 - 63 Hz

Maximum Fusing:

3-Phase 340 - 575 Volts AC; 47 - 63 Hz 16A (B-character)

Protection Type:

IP 22

Power Consumption


Total Consumption:

approx. 0.5 kw



Total Weight:

198 lbs. (90 kg)

Module Weight:

77 lbs. (35 kg)

Cabinet Weight:

110 lbs. (50 kg)

Operating Temperature


Temperature Range:

32 - 122F (0 - 50C)