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Fast, Energy Saving Side Seal Plastic Banding Strapping Machine

The N3400V is an energy saving, side seal automatic plastic banding strapping machine equipped to provide reliable performance while using less energy.


The unique side seal design fits perfectly in line with existing conveyor belt systems. Using Green Tech Technology to optimize the energy saving 24volt direct drive servo motors, the N3400V is not only a proven energy saving banding machine but is also the most respected and reliable side seal banding machine in the industry.

The N3400V is equipped with an automatic strap feeding system as well as an “end of strap” sensing system with automatic strap discharge once a coil has been completed, an easy to navigate operator control panel.

For routine maintenance or cleaning, the strap path can be easily opened without tools with the new DAT (Direct Access Technology) system

To decrease downtime due to coil changes the N3400V, externally located dispenser, can be equipped to utilize Dynaric XL coils.

The N3400V can be customized to meet the requirements of any packaging environment.

N3400V High Speed Side Seal Banding Machine - Brochure

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• Up to 45 cycles per minute, depending on tension setting and package size
• Wear-free, Energy Saving 24VDC direct-drive motors
• Wear-free strap frame with stainless steel guides
• ASLF 'Anti-Strap-Loss-Function' constant strap control
• Power switch with lockout
• Automatic strap feed
• Strap width 5 - 12 mm
• Strap end detection system with automatic discharge of remaining strap
• External dispenser
• The exclusive eject function avoids strap jam
• Operation terminal with soft button
• Adjustable torque controlled strap tension
• MFT 'Mono-Frame-Technology'
• Power connection can be located at the top or the bottom of the machine
• Removable tabletops

Overall Width:

17.1” (435mm)

Overall Length:

59.0” (1497mm)

Overall Height:

65.8 - 69.7” (1673 - 1773mm)

Table Height:

13.6“ - 17.5” (344 - 444mm)


441 lbs. (200kg)

Cycle Time:

Up to 45 cycles per minute

Cycle Initiation:

Push button

Standard Arch Size:

576mm(W) x 567mm(H) additional sizes available

Strap Size:

1/4" - 1/2" (5mm - 12mm)

Package Size:

Max. Governed By Arch

Min. 2.17" H x .2" W


Max. 240 lbs. (325 N)

Seal Head Location:


Sealing Method:

Heat Seal


3" Casters


Internally located-

8" or 9"I. D./8" Face/18"O.D.


110 Volt Single Phase