AM650CB Fully Automatic Corrugated Carton Strapping Machine

Fully Automatic Corrugated Carton Strapping machines can be used in virtually any specialty application!

AM-650CB Fully Automatic Corrugated Carton Strapping machines can be used in virtually any specialty application. There are a variety of add-ons that can be bolted onto this bottom seal box banding machine to create a solution unique to your production environment.

It is capable of applying up to 24 straps/minute to a wide range of sizes and types of bundles. The AM-650CB can operate with 5mm, 6mm and 9mm strap widths. Because of its ability to use many sizes of strap, and its electronic tension control, it enables the customer to choose the least expensive strap for their package. The AM-650CB has many standard features that include strap loop ejector, short feed detector, refeed system and foot pedal cycle activation switch. These special user friendly features combine to increase strapping performance and reliability, as well as providing ease of operation for the equipment operator.

At Dynaric, we pride our self on high-end box banding machines that exceeds your expectations for efficiency and performance.

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•  Fully automatic strapping machine, developed to be used with polypropylene strap for the corrugated carton industry.
•  Up to 24 straps per minute (single strap) or 16 straps per minute (double strap), depending on the size of the package.
•  Servo motor provide for single or double (optional triple, multi) straps.
•  Variable speed roller tabletops.
•  Operation simple, safe and friendly.
•  Tensioning Electronic Control : Continuous tension adjust from low to high.
•  Time adjust for weld cooling available in order to guarantee a high efficiency at the weld.
•  Key to release the coil brake : Advanced project makes easier to remove the strap of the coil.
•  Weld controlled by temperature sensor.
•   JOG Function for machine adjustments or preventive maintenance.
•  Silent sealing unit.
•  Easily maintenance by permanent lubrication and motors application (DC).
•  Extra reinforced construction and 32mm thick adjustment feed roller shaft.
•  Automatic feed system.
•  Automatic ejection system at the end of the strap.
•  Ejection of the loop in case of fails strap.
•  Adjustable table’s height from 754mm to 1200mm.
•  Connectors for synchronism with entry and exit transporter.
•  Volume compactor pneumatic press.
•  HMI display data and message to provide easy trouble shooting.
•  Roller table with articulation for easy internal access.
•  Exit roller speed is faster than entry roller for better packing efficiency.

Overall Width

Overall Length

Overall Height

Arch Dimensions (Internal)

Table Height

Machine Weight

Sealing Method

Sealing Head Location

Strap Size


Cycle Time

Power Supply

Package Size

Compressed air pressure

Air Consumption

28.5” (725mm)

90.1” (2290mm)

57.0” (1450mm)

1250mm x 500mm

29.7”- 47.2” (754-1200mm)

838 lbs.

Heat Seal


5mm - 9mm (12mm option)

17.6 - 132.2 lbs.

24 - Single Strap

16 - Double Strap

220V - 60Hz (1 phase)

Min. 7.8”(W)x .78”(H)x 11.8”(L)

(200mm x 20mm x 300mm)

Max. Depending on arch size

6 bar

7.5 liters/cycle (at 6 bar)