AM659S Stainless Steel Strapping Machine or the Demanding Environments such as the Meat, Poultry and Seafood Industries

High speed Stainless Steel automatic strapping machine specifically designed for the demanding environments of the Meat, Poultry and Seafood Industries.

The AM659S Stainless Steel Strapping Machine is a high speed automatic heat sealing strapping machine that is designed for the demanding environments such as the Meat, Poultry and Seafood Industries. Designed with ease of operation in mind, the AM659S is equipped with a multi-function control pad, easy access E-Stop, table top switch and an external dispenser for easy access.
The AM659S is designed to run 9mm to 12mm Dynaric polypropylene strap and is capable of applying up to 50 straps/minute. Able to use such a wide range of Dynaric plastic strap, the AM659S allows the customer to choose the perfect strap for their application and budget.
The AM659S Stainless Steel Strapping Machine has many standard features that include automatic coil feed system, strap loop ejector, short feed detector, refeed system and table top cycle activation switch. These standard features combined with machine reliability and strapping performance provide ease of operation for the equipment operator.

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•    Servo motors for precise performance and elimination of belts, clutches and pulleys.
•    Wide range electronic tension control
•    Adjustable strap heat seal dwell time for optimum seal joint efficiency
•    Applies 50 straps/minute
•    Automatic coil feed system for ease of start up
•    End of strap sensor and strap loop ejector
•    Strap re-feed system in case of a short feed
•    Standard table top activator and start cycle push button

Cycle Time:

50 straps per minute

Tension Range:

2.2-121 lbs.

Strap Width:

9mm or 12mm

Sealing Method:

Heating Element

Reel Inside Diameter:

200, 230, 280 mm (specified)

Power Supply:


Power Consumption:

0.5 kw

Standard Arch Size:

W 650 x H 400 mm

Layout Dimension:

L 933 x W 577 x H 1327 mm

Table Height:


Machine Weight:

573 lbs.