OR-T 50 Manual Tensioning Friction-Weld Battery Power Combination Tool

Manual Tension Friction Weld Plastic Banding Combo Tool

The ORT-50 plastic banding combo tool is an economical alternative to manual strapping tools with metal seals.


The ORT-50 plastic banding combo tool is a combination of a friction weld battery strapping tool and a manual strap tensioner!

The ORT-50 ratcheting tension arm and knurled tension wheel can provide up to 510 lbs. of tension for securing heavy product. Compared to battery powered strapping tools the ORT-50 manual tension gives you full control of your strap tension, by using the manual tension lever there are no worries about your banding tool applying too much tension and damaging your product. Tired of strapping your product but find out you don’t have any metal seals to complete the job? Using the same technology as high-end battery powered strapping tools, the ORT-50 uses friction weld technology to fuse the strap together giving you a strong, clean seal. This robust economical combo strapping tool is an efficient and reliable solution when you need to secure your product for shipment.

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•  Accepts 3/8" - 3/4" width strapping
•  Lightweight and easy to use
•  Manual tensioning lever (up to 510 lbs)
•  9 Lbs with battery
•  Includes One Battery & Charger
•  Battery powered sealing with friction weld
•  115 V battery charger with up to 2000 charges!
•  60 Minute battery charging time!