MT 320 Band Strapping Tool for Unitizing-Pallet Strapping

The MT 320 band strapping tool is compact, easy to use, and versatile for many plastic strapping applications including unitizing and pallet strapping.

The compact and ergonomic design of the high speed battery banding tool has 4 easy adjustable functioning modes to fit your application: automatic, semi-automatic, manual and “soft”. The MT 320 banding tool is equipped with brushless motors and the latest generation Li-Ion batteries with no ‘memory effect’ to ensure superior strapping tool performance at the highest cycle speed and tension in the market. Perfectly balanced, it is safe and easy to operate thanks to its unique opening system. With minimal adjustments the tool can use different strap sizes and strap types including, Ultraband, polypropylene, and polyester banding. The innovative Dynaric MT 320 is an effective and efficient strapping tool designed to exceed the requirements for a wide range of applications.

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For packs with flat and round surfaces

Strap quality: polypropylene and polyester strap

Strap width: from 10 mm to 16 mm

Strap thickness: from 0.5 mm to 1.1 mm

Max. tension: 3200 N / 500 N soft mode

Max. tension speed: 10.5 in/sec.

Joint type: friction weld seal

Weight: 3.7 Kg (inc. battery

Package Type

Flat surface (min. length 120mm - 5”) Round surface (min. diam. 700 mm - 2”)

Strap Quality

Dynaric PP/PET

Strap Width

From 10 mm up to 16 mm

Strap Thickness

From 0.5 mm up to 1.10 mm

Max. Tension

3.200 N

“SOFT” Mode

500 N

Max. Tension Speed

10.5 in/sec.

Joint Type

Friction weld seal


8 Lbs. (Inc. battery)


Akku Power 14.4 V 3.3 Ah Li-ion