H2BPS Retractable Lance Pallet Strapper

Fully Automated Pallet Strapping Machine

The H2B-PS automated, retractable lance pallet strapping machine is considered an essential finished goods strapping machine for every palletizing system. While manually strapping boxes on pallets can be time consuming and expensive; not to mention putting unusual stress on workers and even cause injuries, the H2B-PS provides the perfect solution with its unique fully automated design capable of automatically strapping cases of finished goods or products onto a pallet or skid. What makes the H2B-PS unique is the ability to run the strapping lance through the skid, secure the product and allow the product to be easily moved without strap interference. The H2B-PS fully automated pallet strapping machine is built around a heavy-duty steel frame to withstand the punishment of any environment. The Durable Construction of our equipment will streamline your packaging for many years to come.

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    •    Fully Automated
    •    Modern touch screen display simplifies machine setup and improves operator troubleshooting
    •    High speed strapping cycle can increase production
    •    Automatic strap feed and refeed
    •    Debris protection
    •    Fewer moving parts to further increase reliability
    •    Direct drive motors mean no belts or pulleys
    •    Upstream and downstream interlocks