DF-112 Fully Automatic Low Table Strapping Machine

Low Tabletop, Heavy-Duty Strapping Machine

The DF-112 has been specifically designed for generalized packaging requirements where the use of traditional automatic machines are either not suitable or not recommended.

The DF-112 can be integrated into existing conveyor systems, minimizing the need for hand strapping and eliminating unnecessary package handling. The DF-112 offers users the ability to strap up to 20 packages per minute within a single strap application and 12 packages per minute in a parallel application, depending on the arch and package size.

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•    Fully automatic; equipped with two photocells and powered table tops
•    Anti-jamming feature eliminates strap jams
•    Easy strap feeding
•    Threading is made fast and easy with externally located dispenser
•    Both the power rollers (standard and belt conveyors (optional) can be removed easily for general maintenance and repair
•    Adjustable work guides for effective guidance of products and materials into and out of the strapping machine
•    Easily adjustable external tension control
•    Equipped with casters so it can easily be moved in and out of existing conveyor lines to other locations on the production floor
•    Standard voltage is 440 volt 3 phase
•    Operates 3/8" or 1/2" strapping
•    Six month warranty on parts

Overall Width:

24.4” (620 mm)

Overall Height:

56.6” (1440 mm)*

Overall Length:

90.4” (2260 mm)*

Table Height:

24.6” - 32.4” (625 - 825 mm)


595 lbs (270 kg)*

Sealing Method:

Heat Seal

Cycle Initiation:

Push button (manual application)

Photoeye (automatic application)

Straps Per Min:

20-single strap application*

12-parallel strap application*

Strap Size:

1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2” (6mm-12 mm)**


220 volt, 3 phase**


Remote, External

Belt Driven Tabletops


Min. Package Size:


 7.9” Width (200 mm)

7.9” Length(200 mm)

2” Height (50 mm)

Max. Package Size:

 Dependent upon arch size

Roller Driven Tabletops


Min. Package Size:


 7” Width (180 mm)

9” Length (230 mm)

1.9” Height (50 mm)

Max. Package Size:

 Dependent upon arch size

Conveyor Speed:

82’ per min. for a 33 lb. Package

65’ per min. for a 44 lb. Package

49’ per min. for a 66 lb. Package

*Dependent upon arch size