DF30 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

The Perfect Economical Solution for all of your Strapping Needs.

An economical, easy to use strapping machine designed to run 1/4 ”– 5/8” strapping. Equipped with externally adjustable strap feed and electronic tension control, the DF-30 is the perfect machine for securing and unitizing outgoing shipments.Offering added safety for the operator the DF30 has been redesigned with rounded corners, as well as an audible cycle alert safety signal. An "ACASS" is given when the strap has been inserted into the sealing mechanism prior to tensioning.

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    •    Utilizes two DC direct-drive motors, eliminating the need for clutches and brakes
    •    Improved strap feed system eliminates slipping during tensioning even under the harshest conditions
    •    Operates on 115 volt single phase power
    •    Widest available tension range
    •    Fast cycle time: 25-30 per minute
    •    Audible cycle alert safety signal (ACASS) system
    •    Strap feed and tension externally controlled
    •    Minimal maintenance and lubrication required
    •    Casters allow for easy movement within your facility
    •    Limited number of moving parts
    •    Quick release feed wheel system for easy clearing and cleaning
    •    Dispenser braking system with no belts to wear out or adjust
    •    Complete accessibility for maintenance
    •    Six month warranty on parts

Overall Width:

22.4” (570 mm)

Overall Length:

29.2” (760 mm)

Overall Height:

29.1”-30.7” (740 mm-780 mm)

Machine Weight:

149.9 lbs. (68 kg.)

Sealing Method:

Heat Seal

Sealing Head Location:

11.0” (280 mm) from the right of the machine

Power Supply:

120V Single Phase

Cycle Time:

2.0 Seconds*

Cycle Initiation:

Strap Insertion with “ACASS” System


External Electronically Adjustable

Min. Package Size:

4” (102 mm)H x 2.4” (61 mm) W

Max. Package Weight:

180 lbs. (81.6 kg)


4 Casters, two are locking

Strapping Size:

1/4” (5 mm) - 5/8” (15.5 mm)


9” (229 mm) I.D./8” (203 mm)

face/18” (457 mm) O.D.


8” (203 mm) I.D./8” (203 mm)

face/18” (457 mm) O.D.