ST1-HS Fully Automatic High Speed Strapping Machine

ST1-HS Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

The ST1-HS is the operator-less machine equipped with variable speed powered belts, eliminating the need for an operator. Although the unit can be switched to manual and used like an offline unit, the ST1-HS is designed to operate automatically using photo switches to detect incoming packages. The ST1-HS is equipped with an automatic strap feeding system as well as an “end of strap” sensing system with automatic strap discharge once a coil has been completed.

To decrease downtime due to frequent coil changes the ST1-HS is equipped with an externally located dispenser that can utilize Dynaric XL coils.

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• Capable of up to 48 bundles per minute
• Adjustable strap width (from 5 - 9 mm), no additional parts required
• Automatic strap feed
• Strap end sensing system, automatic discharge of remaining strap
• Up and downstream interlock
• Height adjustable feet
• Power cable, length 40”
• PC control with operating unit and display signal processing via PLC control unit
• Automatic strap tensioning, depending on height of bundle
• Hinged tabletops
• Table belt drive steplessly adjustable (frequency inverter)
• Quick changing device for strap dispenser
• Dissipation Fan

Overall Width:

23.9” (608 mm)

Overall Length:

58.1” (1477 mm)*

Overall Height:

52.8” (1342.7 mm)*

Table Height:

30.5” (776 mm)


374 lbs (170 kg)*

Cycle Time:

Up to 48 bundles / min.*

Cycle Initiation:


Manual Mode:

 Push Button

Automatic Mode:


Strap Size:

1/4” to 3/8” (5mm-9mm)

Package Size:

Min. 3.9” W x .39” H

Max. Governed By Arch


Ultrasonic bundle sensing system with stepless adjustment of tension force

Seal Head Location:

Bottom Seal

Sealing Method:



2 swivel and 2 fixed casters


Externally located - 8”or 9“I.D./8” Face/18”O.D.


220 or 440 Volt 3 Phase


*Depending on arch size