DF11LT Low Table Strapping Machine

Designed for use in application where delivery systems are lower to the ground

The DF11LT is a low profile (only 450mm (17.7”) table height) model strapper designed for use in application where delivery systems are lower to the ground. This machine has a fast cycle time of 1.6 seconds (dependent on arch and package size). Its design includes a rugged frame and roller tabletop construction with an integrated accumulator/dispenser system that minimizes required floor space. The arch configurations (height and width) increase independently in 200mm (approximately 8”) increments, so configuring the arch for a specific application is not only desirable – it’s doable. Cycle initiation is by start switch or foot switch. Standard operating voltage is 220 volts – 3 phase, but single phase, as well as higher voltages are available options. This machine can be ordered to run 9mm (3/8”) or 12mm (1/2) strap. The strapping material is heat sealed for maximum seal efficiency.

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•    Low profile design (17.7", 450mm High), allows for integration    with existing low profile conveyors
•    Easy automatic strap feeding
•    Accepts 3/8" strapping standard or 1/2" strapping as an option
•    Internal dispenser minimizes required floor space
•    Operates on 120 volt single phase power, enabling it to be used in any location
•    Equipped with a control pad that easily adjusts timer functions, heater temperature setting and seal time
•    Digital display reflects the operational status, including an error code read out
•    Easily adjustable stepless tension control
•    Motor automatically shuts down when not in use
•    Heavy duty casters for portability
•    Six month warranty on parts

Overall Width:

25.6” (650 mm)

Overall Length:

74.8” (1900 mm)

Overall Height:

54.9” (1395 mm)

Table Height:

17.7” (450 mm)

Inner Arch:

31.5“ (800mm)

31.5” (800mm)


510 lbs (232 kg)

Cycle Time:

1.6 seconds

Cycle Initiation:

Palm switch or foot switch

Sealing Method:

Heat seal

Strap Size:

3/8” & 1/2”

Package Size:

Min. 1.2” H x 1.6” W

Max. Governed By Arch


Low tension; 40mm stroke,

stepless variety

Seal Head Location:



2.5” casters


Externally located - 9”I.D./8”



120V, single phase

220V, 3 phase, 60Hz

440V, 3 phase, 60Hz