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Access the Machine Strap Path in Seconds with the Direct Access Technology (DAT) System.

17 December 2015 by Dynaric

As production increases so does the need to reliable, low maintenance, easy to use strapping machines. The MHBU machine strap head with Direct Access Technology (DAT) was designed to provide the long-term reliability with low maintenance to exceed the packaging demands of today’s manufacturers.

DAT Machine Strap Access

What makes the MHB machine strap head user friendly is the DAT system. We know machine and production uptime is critical, with MHB open access design and DAT the strap path is easily accessible while requiring no tools.

DAT-Machine Strap Path Access

With a pull of a lever the DAT system opens the machine strap path allowing you to remove any unwanted debris or to simply do a routine cleaning of the strapping unit and strap track. This keeps machine downtime to a minimal!

You will find the DAT system on the following plastic strapping machines

•   CP300 -Fully Automatic High Speed Strapping Machine Designed for the Graphic Arts Industry
•   N3400 -High Performance Automatic Strapping Machine
•   N3400A -High Performance Fully Automatic Strapping | Banding Machine - Ideal for Banding Tote for Pharmaceutical and Distribution Centers
•   N3400SCA -Stainless Steel Plastic Strapping Machine Designed for Strapping In Harsh Environments such as Seafood, Produce and Food Industry
•   NP7000 -Fully Automatic Bundle Strapping Machine Designed for the Newspaper, Commercial Printing and Graphic Arts Industry
•   MHBT -Vertical Banding Machine Designed for Strapping Non-Ferrous, Cardboard and Solid Waste
•   H2BC -Fully Automatic Basiloid, Large Corrugated Container-Carton Strapping Machine | Banding Machine
•   MHB4 -Multi Head Strapping System Designed for Hay Baling Industry
•   H2BI - Indexing Arch - High Speed Horizontal Strapping Machine Innovative Design Custom Built to Strap Insulation Rolls.

The MHB machine strap head uses steel rollers to improve machine strap feeding and to minimize strap dust. The MHB strap head and DAT are designed to provide maximum performance and low maintenance through the overall life of the machine strap unit.


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