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Shocks and Awe: Customized Strapping Solution Exceeds Expectations

25 August 2016 by Dynaric

Dynaric Inc., the leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial strapping systems and polypropylene strapping, recently announced a major success developing a customized solution for the automotive industry. The customer, Magneti Marelli (www.magnetimarelli.com) is a major international supplier of automotive parts, systems, and components. They needed to develop and integrate a method to compress and strap shock absorbers as they rolled off of the production line. Dynaric’s engineers were up for the challenge. They met and exceeded the customer’s expectations with a custom-built, automatic strapping machine solution that rapidly stabilizes, stages, and secures the finished products, preparing them for the journey beyond the factory floor.

Customized solutions are nothing new to Dynaric, however industrial automotive applications − which involve delicate, precision manufactured products − require specialized attention. This is especially true given the need to incorporate the strapping system into an existing production environment. The Dynaric engineering team selected the DF11 Automatic Bottom Seal Strapping Machine as the foundation of the new system. Given the high-volume and demanding nature of Magneti Marelli’s facility, the rugged DF11 was a logical choice. This model has a rigid steel frame with heavy-duty components which have earned it a reputation for reliability and durability. 

A key aspect of this strapping system customization was equipping the DF11 with a compression kit to apply pressure and compress the shock absorbers prior to the application and sealing of the polypropylene strap.Once the sealing is complete, the shocks remain compressed throughout their journey to market or to the automotive assembly floor. Since the compressed shocks occupy less space, the company is able to ship the items far more efficiently.

In addition, once the automated strapping process is integrated into the production process, the resulting reduction in manual labor and handling errors contributes to lower overall manufacturing costs.

The DF11 augmented with automatic shock compression technology offers the ultimate in flexibility. For example, it can be configured with many different arch sizes to accommodate different applications and secure items of various sizes or shapes. Further, the strapping cycles can be initiated manually or automatically, allowing operation as an offline or inline strapping machine.

Another key factor adding value to the solution is that it uses Dynaric’s low elongation X4525-9 strap.  This strap, which was developed to replace steel strapping on many applications, is a perfect option because its lower elongation properties provide the strength required, while also offering the safety and other performance characteristics the customer requires.

Dynaric’s Dennis Fuller explained the importance of customized solutions in the Dynaric product portfolio. “The DF11 shock compression solution is really a testament to our team,” he said. “What is really exciting is the ability to deliver creative answers to the client’s packaging needs. While each of our machines offers excellent strapping capabilities, it’s the team’s ability to listen to our customers and create something that’s tailored to their needs that makes all the difference. That’s why we’ve been successful in the automotive industry and in many other challenging manufacturing environments.”

For more information about this customized system based on the DF11 automatic strapping machine, or to speak with a technical consultant about designing a customized solution for your operation, contact Dynaric today.

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