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Corrugated Packaging and Paperboard Product Packaging Usage are Forcated to Increase

9 January 2018 by Dynaric

Product packaging is an essential part of a product life cycle. To meet the demands of the organized retail industry, the corrugated packaging industry and paperboard product packaging have been relying on Dynaric corrugated strapping machines to exceed the demands. The N3400CB is a versatile corrugated strapping machine designed to excel at strapping many corrugated box types. Some of the most popular corrugated box types include slotted box, folder box, ridged box and telescope box. Using the smart touch control panel, you can easily setup the N3400CB corrugated strapping machine to square and secure each box type and size precisely where you want the strap to go. After your setup is complete the job can be saved for future use therefore decreasing setup time and increasing production throughput.

It’s forecasted by 2019, food packaging will consume almost 47% of the total volume of board, with processed foods accounting for 30% of the total. As production increases, so will the demand on our strapping machines. The N3400CB is one strap ahead, with ease of maintenance and ASLF (Anti-Strap-Loss-Function) you can bet the strapping machine will not miss a beat. The N3400CB used Direct Access Technology that allows the strap path to be quickly opened and cleaned if debris happens to interfere with machine operations. The ASLF feature lets the strapping machine know where the strap is so you never have a misfeed.

One of the reasons we are seeing a rise on corrugated use is the footprint it leaves on the environment. Corrugated cartons are made from recycled paper and are recyclable after used. Like corrugated cartons, we recommend to our customers to recycle our plastic strapping. We take the extra steps to ensure our polypropylene strap contains no metallic fragments in the additives used to produce our strap therefore making it 100% recyclable.

For more information about this N3400CB fully automatic corrugated strapping machine, or to speak with a technical consultant contact Dynaric today.

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