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Is Your Production Breaking at the Seals?

4 October 2018 by Dynaric

Is Your Production Breaking at the Seals?


The much anticipated OR-T series of hand strappers are here! The OR-T series sealless hand tools have been redesigned for a more economical, yet highly efficient and durable friction-weld strapping tool. The redesign of the OR-T 260 the 450 and the introduction of the OR-T 50 give users a full range of strapping tool choices to get the job done more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The OR-T 50 plastic banding tool is an economical combination friction weld battery strapping tool with a manual strap tensioner! Providing you full control of your strap tension, The OR-T 50 ratcheting tension arm and knurled tension wheel can provide up to 510 lbs. of tension. Compared to automatic battery powered strap tensioning tools, the OR-T 50 manual tension reduces the risk of damaging your products caused by over tensioning however, using the same seal technology as high-end battery powered strapping tools the OR-T 50 fuses the strap together using friction giving you a strong, clean seal.

The OR-T 260 and 450 are now the most user friendly tool for plastic strapping that runs automatically, semi-automatically, manually or in soft corner mode, making it the most versatile tool for poly strapping. tool suits poly strapping size 1/2"-5/8". Thanks to recent improvements, the new OR-T 260 and 450 tools have an upgraded user interface showing the applied tension in real time. The 18 volt Li-Ion Bosch battery can complete up to 800 packages per charge. OR-T 260 and 450 fuses the strap together automatically with the touch of a button.

To learn more about Dynaric’s broad banding and bundling experiences for our clients, call us at (800) 526-0827, or explore our products further on www.dynaric.com. We are happy to help you find the ideal packaging solution for your production line.

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