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The Global Market for Aquaculture and Fisheries is Projected to reach 188 Million Tons by 2020!

2 February 2018 by Dynaric

Shrimp and Oysters are Driving Growth in the Global Aquaculture Market as Consumers Shift Towards Seafood as a Source of Protein.

It’s forecasted by 2019, food packaging will consume almost 47% of the total volume of board, with processed foods accounting for 30% of the total. As production increases, so will the demand on our strapping machines.


This is the trend today, as consumers are eating more protein from seafood the demand increases therefore more supplies are needed – FASTER! As companies are experiencing the increase in demands they are realizing they need to increase production. Companies are counting on us to provide an economical and reliable strapping machine that can handle their demands, the AM659YSS side seal banding machine is the machine of choice. Inside the precision tuned fully automatic strapping machine, the AM659YSS has a harden steel body with corrosion resistant panels to provide maximum strength and protection from extreme operating conditions.

By incorporating the latest servo motor technology, the AM659YSS side seal banding machine provides the ultimate in machine reliability. Servo motors allow the AM659YSS to use less energy, operate more efficiently while greatly reducing the number of moving parts therefore minimizing machine maintenance and receiving a quicker Return on Investment!

The AM659YSS is quickly becoming the industry standard when it comes to long term banding machine performance and reliability.

For more information about this AM659YSS fully automatic side seal banding machine, or to speak with a technical consultant contact Dynaric today.

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