The Dynaric Blog: A Strap Manufacturers’ View.

Insights from the industry’s leading strapping machine and strap manufacturers.

Dynaric's role as the leading machine and strap manufacturers in North America has been earn through decades of delivering quality products and service. Our blog contains news, product information and analysis concerning a variety of strapping-related topics. We hope this is a valuable resource to both our long-time clients and to companies who are considering automated strapping solutions for the very first time. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about any of the subjects we discuss here.

As production increases so does the need to reliable, low maintenance, easy to use strapping machines. The MHBU machine strap head with Direct Access Technology (DAT) was designed to provide the long-term reliability with low maintenance to exceed the packaging demands of today’s manufacturers. What makes the MHB machine strap head user friendly is the DAT system. We know machine and production uptime is critical, with MHB open access design and DAT the strap path is easily accessible while requiring no tools. With a pull of a lever the DAT system opens the machine strap path allowing you to ... read more

There are a wide range of options manufacturers can choose from when constructing a box strapping line. Depending on the volume of your production, the options can range from simple, hand-held strapping tools, to fully automated solutions where there is no operator involved. Consulting with a technician is most likely the best path forward when making a decision regarding this type of solution because the range of possibilities is so vast. While there may be some environment restrictions in certain applications, In general, box strapping line fabrication can be arranged in any way necessary t... read more

As the leading Printed Strap manufacturers, Dynaric has helped companies innovate their marketing and productivity. The idea of printing custom messages and logos onto packaging strapping is especially effective for manufacturers who want a cost-effective way to reinforce their brand in a new and powerful way. There is a significant visual contrast between basic brown box packaging with generic straps and a box that uses customized printed strap. Manufacturers can use the customized strapping to enhance the appearance of their products and convey their brand strength everywhere their packages... read more

As the leading providers of strapping and banding machines, suppliers of quality plastic strapping, and innovators in custom strapping solutions, Dynaric is a vital partner to a wide range of manufactures around the world. From their Virginia Beach headquarters and production center and their operations in Mexico City, the company has helped thousands of businesses, small and large, address critical packaging and unitizing solutions. The growth of strapping as a means of packaging and unitizing has been tremendous. This of course has led to increased demand for banding machines, suppliers of ... read more

Plastic banding machines, strapping tools, and the plastic strapping itself - including materials such as polypropylene , polyester, and nylon - have come a long way since they were first introduced. Plastic has become a very suitable substitute for steel strapping for applications where strength of the strap is not the only concern. Plastic banding machines are now pervasively used a wide range of packaging and industrial applications where speed, flexibility, and total cost are the primary considerations. And while steel remains the dominant choice for heavy-duty applications where strength... read more