The Dynaric Blog: A Strap Manufacturers’ View.

Insights from the industry’s leading strapping machine and strap manufacturers.

Dynaric's role as the leading machine and strap manufacturers in North America has been earn through decades of delivering quality products and service. Our blog contains news, product information and analysis concerning a variety of strapping-related topics. We hope this is a valuable resource to both our long-time clients and to companies who are considering automated strapping solutions for the very first time. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about any of the subjects we discuss here.

Is Your Production Breaking at the Seals? The much anticipated OR-T series of hand strappers are here! The OR-T series sealless hand tools have been redesigned for a more economical, yet highly efficient and durable friction-weld strapping tool. The redesign of the OR-T 260 the 450 and the introduction of the OR-T 50 give users a full range of strapping tool choices to get the job done more efficiently and cost-effectively. The OR-T 50 plastic banding tool is an economical combination friction weld battery strapping tool with a manual strap tensioner! Providing you full control of your strap ... read more

Residential property sales are up by 4% so far in 2018 and is projected to continue rising well into 2020. What does that have to do with our strapping equipment? When homes sell people buy new furniture, when stock gets low the furniture retail stores order more – before the warehouse ships the new furniture they use our plastic strapping machines to protect and secure the furniture for transporting. Dynaric has a full line of strapping machines catered to the woodworking industries. When woodworking industries increase manufacturing it puts a strain on machinery as well as workers. The 2018... read more

Shrimp and Oysters are Driving Growth in the Global Aquaculture Market as Consumers Shift Towards Seafood as a Source of Protein. It’s forecasted by 2019, food packaging will consume almost 47% of the total volume of board, with processed foods accounting for 30% of the total. As production increases, so will the demand on our strapping machines. This is the trend today, as consumers are eating more protein from seafood the demand increases therefore more supplies are needed – FASTER! As companies are experiencing the increase in demands they are realizing they need to increase production. Co... read more

Product packaging is an essential part of a product life cycle. To meet the demands of the organized retail industry, the corrugated packaging industry and paperboard product packaging have been relying on Dynaric corrugated strapping machines to exceed the demands. The N3400CB is a versatile corrugated strapping machine designed to excel at strapping many corrugated box types. Some of the most popular corrugated box types include slotted box, folder box, ridged box and telescope box. Using the smart touch control panel, you can easily setup the N3400CB corrugated strapping machine to square ... read more

Dynaric Inc., the leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial strapping systems and polypropylene strapping, recently announced a major success developing a customized solution for the automotive industry. The customer, Magneti Marelli ( ) is a majorinternationalsupplierof automotive parts, systems, and components. They needed to develop and integrate a method tocompress andstrap shock absorbers as they rolled off of the production line. Dynaric’s engineers were up for the challenge. They met and exceeded the customer’s expectations with a custom-built, automatic strapping ... read more